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SKY Aviation’s CSR

Going for leadership
SKY is striving to become a Corporate Social Responsibility leader in the airline sector and to set an example to others; a visionary, innovative, contemporary leader, committed from the heart to people and the environment. A leader that is aware of the fact that it is regularly confronted with fundamental challenges, for example, whether to fly directly to an airport, out of concern for the environment, or to take a longer route to reduce noise nuisance for local residents. In order to come up with the best possible interpretation of Corporate Social Responsibility, SKY is in constant dialogue with interested parties at all levels, in a range of contexts, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Taking the lead in CSR
SKY regards it as its duty to operate in a sustainable manner. Coming into contact with the living conditions of less fortunate people, SKY also realizes that its operation has an impact on living conditions and the environment . This is why, as an Aviation company, SKY is not purely concerned with healthy economic growth, but also with making a genuine contribution to the Indonesian society. This contribution is made in a number of ways, for instance, through charitable programs, which provides both financial and practical support for projects that help children and small businesses in developing regions throughout Indonesia.

Caring for passengers and employees
Caring for passengers is expressed in optimal health and safety conditions and flight comfort. Therefore, all Fokker Aircrafts are fully serviced by Fokker Services Asia. SKY aims for sustainability and flexibility in its staff and to provide them with a safe and healthy work environment.
SKY’s employees are also socially committed, with many of them working on charitable projects.

Universal principles
SKY’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy conforms to the universal principles laid out in the United Nations Global Impact initiative of 1999. By putting its signature to this global agreement, SKY also committed itself to complying with a set of core values in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment, and anti-corruption. The United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) also provide guiding principles for SKY policy. One of these goals states that more people should be living in a sustainable environment by 2015.

Ethical and honest conduct
SKY also practices a code of conduct for its executives and employees, which prioritizes ethically responsible and honest conduct. For SKY, verifiable and transparent accountability is the key to good management and a sustainable operation. SKY is also cooperating on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which aims to reduce global warming.


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