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Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Sky Aviation opened Batam-Palembang flights starting Wednesday (10/10). The route will be open every day with one flight schedule. The target is 15 thousand passengers for a month.

In the first flight to the city of Palembang, Batam Pos invited to fly first round using Boeing 737-300 aircraft with a capacity of 128 seats. In addition to journalists, Sky Aviation also invite the Hang Nadim Airport and Transportation Department Riau Islands Province. Batam-Palembang Flight provides two classes, economy and business.

In Business Class, passengers are pampered with spacious seating, including a lunch on various options offered by the airline.

“We provide full service business classes,” said Chief Executive Officer Sky Aviation Krisman Tarigan who participated in this inaugural flight.

However, passenger’s comfort in economy class also remain unnoticed. Although the seating is a bit different from the business class, but the distance of the front and the rear seat is roomy enough, so that passengers can still sit comfortably. In addition, passengers are given a drink and bread during the flight.

“This is our ministry, so Sky Aviation joint cooperation with Bread Talk Indonesia,” he explained.

With the maximum services provided including Sky Aviation stewardess hospitality, travel from Hang Nadim Airport Batam to Sultan Badaruddin II Palembang airport for about an hour was felt nriefly.

In the first flight, the Sky Aviation also provides two free tickets to passengers free of charge. Krisman Tarigan reveal if Batam-Palembang route will become a mainstay of the Sky Aviation, with a target of about 15 thousand passengers per month.

In addition to services, the passengers also get insurance coverage that is included in the purchase of tickets. In this case Sky Aviation Insurance holding Citra International Underwriters (CIU).

“If there is an accident well before the flight, or after a flight, passengers can claim insurance maximum of R1, 25 billion. Unlike other carriers that apply only when flying alone, “he said. Krisman added that the company is trying to provide a service that is different than the other masakapi.

This can be seen from the services provided Sky Aviation, ranging from Cirrus charter plane with a capacity of three passengers, four Fokker 50 aircraft is capable of reaching out to a small island in Indonesia, including in Riau Islands, to the Boeing 737 aircraft that fly the 300 series premiere yesterday. “The number of Boeing aircraft that we have a total of ten to serve a variety of routes, including the Batam-Palembang,” he concluded. (Hgt) (145)

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